The Mercedes 722 at Brooklands – 15/9/21.

This is a little blog about my afternoon out at the Brooklands Mercedes-Benz World (UK) this week.

So my R172 has an annoying injector noise that can be heard with the roof down @ 50mph, plus twice now I’ve had engine misfire while either taking long sweeping bends or exiting hair pin bends, even with a 75% fuel load, as though it’s having fuel starvation…? (Results in Engine codes: P030100 + P030200 + P030300) I say lucky, removing the key & restarting the engine clears the misfire & EML, but still “Not Ideal”

Not only does the EML come on, but able to pull these codes with my iCarsoft Diag Tool.

So after this happened a second time, I had a phone conversation with the Service Department at Mercedes-Benz World where I asked if they would be any better than my local MB franchise dealer with regards to AMG engine problems? The response was “Well we do look after all the AMG track cars here” and for anyone who has done a passenger ride at Mercedes-Benz World, they will confirm that they get driven hard…!!

Now the Brooklands Service department does have an excellent MOT viewing area with free coffee:

Mercedes-Benz Brooklands – MOT viewing area.

But watching a Software update from a distance is similar to watching paint dry, so as it was a sunny afternoon, I sat outside in the cafe seating area with a coffee half watching the AMG C63’s out on the track:

This was interrupted by something very different out on the track, that didn’t sound like a modern AMG, so went to investigate and after asking one of the many staff members that had also come out for this vehicle, was advised that the famous Stirling Moss – Mercedes 722 was being giving a run out in preparation for the Goodwood Revival this weekend.

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