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Hello from Simply R172

How Simply R172 began,

Having previously owned an SLK R171/350 with the OEM Perspex Wind Deflector, I was disappointed with the performance of the optional R172 SLK “AIRGUIDE – pivoting, transparent wind deflectors” which quoting from the Mercedes Brochure “Guides” the air right through the middle of the cabin, thus preventing at speed, being able to communicate with my passenger/chief navigator.

So, being an Engineer and always looking for solutions to everyday problems, I went about creating a half sized Wind Deflector that would work with the R172 AirGuides.  

The inspiration came from a previous experience on how effective the mini wind deflector was on the MK3.5 Mazda MX5/Miata.
Which as I found out, with some very minor modification, does fit the Mercedes R172! But wasn’t the look I was after.

So, after some experimenting and with the help of another R172 SLK owner that could turn my prototype model into a CAD design for accurate Laser Cutting, the Air Blade Wind Deflector was created.

Though not a full height Wind Deflector, the height is optimal to help reduce wind noise and turbulence back into the cabin at 70mph or 130km/h when touring in Europe!

The Air Blade is also a great option for R172’s without the optional AirGuides, when used in place of the OEM Mesh Deflector.

An added advantage the Air Blade has, is at night it does not reflect lights from the dash board or the vehicle in front, that can be seen in the rear view mirror.

Though the Simply R172 website was created to promote our new Air Blade product, our future plan is to offer more R172 SLK/SLC products and information, so please bookmark our site and check back soon.

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