About the Air Blade

The Air Blade is a half height Wind Deflector designed and manufactured in the UK.

It is the first Wind Deflector on the market to help reduce turbulence with all cars fitted with the optional Air Factory Fitted Guides, with out the need modify or damage your car. Especially important if you R172/SLC is a Mercedes Lease Vehicle.

Having previously owned an SLK R171/350 with the OEM Perspex Wind Deflector, I was disappointed with the optional R172 SLK “AIRGUIDE – pivoting, transparent wind deflectors which guides the air right through the middle of the cabin.

After some research, and with the help of other R172 SLK owners, this Wind Deflector has been created to improve cabin comfort at UK motorway speeds.  Though not a full height Wind Deflector, the height is optimal to help reduce wind noise and turbulence back into the cabin at 70mph or 130km/h.

The Air Blade Wind Deflector is a good upgrade for cars fitted with the optional  Air Guides and allows for the Air Guides to be deployed, or not depending on the desired effect. The Air Blade is also highly effective in place of the OEM Fabric Wind Deflector, where a full height Perspex Wind Deflector might not be wanted due to reflections from the dash board at night, depending on your seating position.

The Air Blade’s top features

  • Manufactured and designed in the UK
  • Created with top-quality acrylic
  • Polished edges for a quality finish
  • Designed and tested by SLK owners
  • Improves driving visibility
  • Minimal and stylish design
  • Various Graphic options

Change the way your SLK performs with the Air Blade.

It’s unobtrusive design gives all round clear visibility that enhances top down driving.

Compatible with all R172 SLK’s & SLC’s built between 2011 & 2020, with either the Silver or Black roll over hoops.

Laser cut from top quality clear acrylic.
With Polished Edges for a quality finish.

Features low impact and clean lines with no bolts or brackets, so can be quickly fitted with no tools required..

Better clear rear view vision, in comparison to the standard OEM fabric Wind Deflector design.

Improves the Driver/Passenger SLK & SLC experience with the optional R172 Air Guide Wind Deflectors deployed.

The Air Blade has a minimal and stylish design to complement and blend in with the car’s design aesthetic.

R172 AirBlade Reviews:

Omo, USA – R172/350 (MY2013)

Clear perspex and easy see-through & above, making it almost invisible. Compared to the full-size one I have, this half-size air blade does the job as effectively and flawlessly. I did notice some slight resonance due to vibration from the top of the deflector at high winds (>70 mph), but if playing music or in convo with a passenger, you may not even notice.

Steve, UK – R172/250d (MY2016)

The Airblade is first of all a great design in that it’s only half the height of anything else available giving you a crystal clear view in the rear view mirror which others and especially the mesh design simply do not give. It is very simple to fit without any modifications and even fits perfectly if you have the Air Guides fitted. Buffeting and wind noise is also pleasantly reduced. I can’t think of a single minus point.

Martin, UK – R172/55 (MY2012)

I have had the Air Blade for a couple of months. Previously I had the mesh wind deflector and visibility was not brilliant. With the Air Blade it is half the height of the OEM wind deflector and I can now see clearly in my rear view mirror what is behind me. In terms of wind deflection it performs in my opinion as well as the OEM deflector it replaces. In addition I did not need to make any modifications to fit it to my car. A nice modification to my SLK!

Paul, UK – R172/55 (MY2014)

I’ve had my Air Blade a few weeks now and as my 172 has the Air Guide system, I was resigned to being stuck with it as my headrest hoops don’t have the notches for a conventional deflector. Thankfully the Air Blade makes use of the two slots near the parcel shelf, so therefore should fit any 2011+ SLK without any issues. I cannot vouch for the earlier models unfortunately as I have no experience with them.

Installed, it is unobtrusive while still allowing the driver to maintain good visibility in the rear view mirror and surprisingly, is quite effective at reducing wind noise and buffeting given its diminutive size. I would definitely recommend this if like me, you want the aesthetics of a ‘proper’ wind deflector but without the hassle of having to have your headrest hoops modified.

Sent 1st Class Royal Mail signed for delivery with in the UK.

Europe & International shipping available